Dear traders,

Allow us to invite you to the „Šperky a kameny / Jewelry and Stones fair“. The event is one of a family of fairs focused on minerals, gemstones and artisanal jewellery, which also includes the spring and autumn „Geosvět / Geoworld fairs“ and the „Minerály a drahé kameny / Minerals and Gemstones fair“, which takes place every year in the beginning of September together with the „Sberatel / Collector fair“.

The luxurious backdrop of the four-star Olympik hotel guarantees high standard of the events and provides a respectable environment for the presentation of offered goods. The hotel is located within a walking distance from subway and tram stops, provides a sufficient parking capacity, and offers a possibility of bringing your goods to the venue in an easy and trouble-free manner.

Exhibitors and visitors who do not reside in Prague can make use of the hotel’s accommodation capacities at favourable prices.

There will be a dedicated security service guarding the premises both during the fair’s opening hours and during the night.

The organizers’ aim is to create a family atmosphere, to make both the exhibitors and their customers satisfied.

Intensive promotional campaign, which starts two months before the event’s opening day, includes promotional billboards advertising the „Šperky a kameny / Jewelry and Stones fair“, poster areas at 500 public traffic stops all over Prague, radio spots broadcast by the Kiss, Radio Beat and Country Radio stations, and internet advertisements placed on the Sklik, Adwords and Facebook portals. More than 10,000 potential visitors – members of our „Klan sběratelů / Clan of Collectors’“ loyalty program – will receive a free ticket to the fair.

Moreover, every exhibitor will receive an electronic coupon for a free ticket from the organizers, which it can distribute without any limitation to any number of its business partners and acquaintances.

The JEWELS AND GEMSTONES fair takes place at the time when the Christmas shopping boom starts. You will therefore have a unique opportunity to address a group of customers who are prepared and willing to buy.


 November 18th 2023



1m table– EUR 39
incl. chair and power supply

Price is excluding of 21% VAT.





Hotel Olympik
U Sluncové 14A
186 76, Prague 8
Czech Republic

Setting-up time / Installation

7:00 – 10:00 hrs.


18:00 – 20:00 Hrs.

Opening hours for the public

10:00 – 18:00 hrs.

Registration of exhibitors

All exhibitors are required to register at the Management point. The registration site will be located in the entrance hall (Foyer) and will be operational throughout the assembly, exhibition and disassembly. All exhibitors will also receive exhibitor passes. Exceptionally, they can pay in cash for renting a stand or table if they do not do so on the basis of the invoice sent. No rental space will be allocated without paid rent.


During the event and overnight there will be security guarded, but we do not guarantee the left-overs.


Parking is available on site at the price of 200, – CZK / day. You can also park in the adjacent streets.


The organizer prepares a complete advertising campaign for the fair.

Terms of participation